Skydog Fetches Kickstarter Goals, Adds New Tricks

Tue, May 7, 2013

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About a month ago, we told you that TriplePoint client PowerCloud Systems intended to kickstart a new way to manage your Wi-Fi networks at home and abroad. We asked that you look into kicking in to said Kickstarter, and as of today, it would appear that you listened, since the funding goal of $75K has been reached and exceeded! Good boy! Who’s a good boy? Oh, who’s a good boy?

The money is still rolling in, mind you — as of this morning, it’s up to almost $100K — so Skydog is looking to add a few extras to its already lengthy offering of managing your network from across the world, tracking your kids’ bandwidth, and flying around in a snazzy cape in our fondest dreams. Up next, Skydog intends to offer:

…a Skydog Wi-Fi Range Extender Kit, ideal for large homes and small businesses, and a Multi-Dwelling Skydog Four-Pack, for those who want to manage multiple networks, such as adult parents’ homes, on a single account.

In essence, with that latter item, you could attach multiple routers to a single account, so the next time grandma calls from Florida and asks why her email is down, you can actually check out her network yourself without trying to talk her through it. That way, you can spend the conversation actually catching up on the kids, and which emails she doesn’t really have to forward you, and then you can tell her you fixed it while you were talking.

Full details on the new offers are in this press release.

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