Skip Mission Animations in Gangster City, Get Tougher Faster

Sat, Feb 13, 2010

Gangster City, Social

Pay attention gangsters because this just might save your life (says PlayFish)… You can now skip mission animations in Gangster City when you repeat the same mission, which means you get tougher, faster.

You’ll still be limited by the amount of Energy you have, but skipping the battle mission animations sure saves a lot of time when you’re beating up baddies, scamming and scheming against other mobsters in the game’s main mechanism.

Other new updates in Gangster City include: robbing now requires no energy, and there are new bracelet collection items. PlayFish has also added a new readout that pops up when you play, so it’s easier for gangsters can stay in the know.

Mobilize your mob on Facebook now to level up and take over the town in Gangster City.

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