Sid Meier Talks the Psychology of Gamers at GDC

Mon, Mar 15, 2010

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Legendary game developer took the stage at GDC to explain how he feels about gamers and how they think. Sid has had to change his games to adapt to the way players of his games think because most gamers make illogical choices when given the chance.

Meier has realized that players tend to be egomaniacs because of how they have played his games like Civilization. If players want to rule the world, they do not want to have the odds stacked against them. If the odds are stacked against them, they will perceive that the game is too difficult and drop it rather quickly. Meier also said that realism is not a factor, giving players more control and accessibility is. “I have never received a letter saying I won too much in your game” remarked Meier.

Meier is looking to apply these new found tactics to his latest games, Civilization V and Civilization Network for Facebook.

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