Sibblingz Game Engine Will Bring Happy Island to Multiple Platforms

Thu, May 13, 2010

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Meet Sibblingz, a new game engine from the folks at YouWeb which plans to allow you to, in short, play your Facebook games on multiple platforms outside of the social networking space.

As reported by Gamezebo, Sibblingz will offer users the ability to play a single game, with all of their stats intact, across multiple platforms including the standard PC, iPhone, iPad, and even Android. Sibblingz first major client is CrowdStar’s Happy Island, which recent AppData figures has at around 10 million monthly active users.

The idea of playing a fully functional version of Happy Island on anything other than the PC  could present a few problems, which is why Sibblingz offers developers the ability to create a customized experience of the game on its different platforms. You can see specific examples of this in the video below, which shows Happy Island running on all four devices (a PC, iPad, iPhone and Android), where you’ll find that the mobile devices offer pinch-and-zoom capabilities and some varying item animations that differ slightly from the Facebook version of the game.

CrowdStar’s Executive Chairman Peter Relan speaks very highly of the engine’s capabilities:

“Game play on the smart phone and tablet is different from social game play on the PC like Facebook. iDevice gamers want more skill-based mechanics with console-like gaming feel. By using the Sibblingz engine we can make a game optimized for the iPad that is connected to the same back-end data as the Facebook version. Sibblingz gives us multi-device reach with the flexibility to make a game experience unique to that device.”

Games that are developed with Sibblingz will reportedly save developers millions of dollars in development costs, and will also save them time, which is a precious commodity in the fast-moving world of social gaming. From the Happy Island deal alone, Sibblingz has already become profitable, says Games Beat, with the company receiving a split of the revenue earned by games that were developed using its engine.

It seems incredibly appropriate that Sibblingz would make itself known around a time when Zynga, Facebook’s largest game developer is all but officially confirmed to be spreading its wings. While CrowdStar’s Happy Island will still be playable on the PC, Sibblingz will allow for users to experience everything they love about the game without being on Facebook proper.

As of this writing, there is no word on when Happy Island will be publicly available for consumption on multiple platforms, but we’ll be sure to let you know when such a thing is possible.

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