Shake Rattle and Bowl With New Restaurant City Items and Food

Thu, Aug 12, 2010

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As we guessed last week, a second week of the 1950′s theme has come to Restaurant City, with a sort of secondary theme, in the form of bowling, being added in. The same car tables and chairs and other diner items fit in perfectly here, with these items adding the finishing touches to your retro restaurant.

In terms of those items available for coins, you can pick up Blue and Green versions of the car table and chair set, with the car’s trunks and middle sections (one seat and the table, respectively) being available for coins, while other items include a Bowling Lane Table or a simple Retro Diner table. You can add a neon Bowling Sign as a decorative item, or even a statue of a Waitress, dressed appropriately for the theme, in addition to an oversized Bowling Ball. There are five new floor tile types, which would allow you to build your own perfect bowling alley in your restaurant, along with a simple Retro Diner Wallpaper that will only be available in stores until later this month.

For the premium, Playfish Cash, items, we can see that the Hoods of both the Green and Blue Chefrolet cars are available for 3 Playfish Cash each, while a PFC Mascot (a person dressed in a chicken costume) goes for 10 Playfish Cash.

There are new free gifts also available through this part of the theme, including a PFC uniform (which could double as a bowling shirt) and an Oversized Bowling Pin.

The PFC items are significant when it comes to this week’s new food items, which consist of three fast food value meals, and a PFC Family Bucket of chicken (a play on KFC, if you hadn’t guessed). None of the four recipes are limited, allowing you to learn them at your leisure.

For The Strike Meal Deal, you’ll need to have four ingredients, including one new ingredient for the game, in order to learn it: Beef, Salad, Bread, and Soda.

Meanwhile, the Playfish Fillet Meal Deal is learned with Tuna, Cheese, Bread, and a Soda.

A Nuggets Meal Deal can be learned by combining a Chicken, Potato, Salt (the game’s other new ingredient), and a Soda.

Finally, the PFC Family Bucket can be learned by combining two Chickens and a Salt ingredient.

Luckily, with this reliance on Salt and Chicken, both have been added to the game’s free gifts menu, so that you can send these ingredients to your friends. Additionally, if you manage to master the PFC Family Bucket recipe, you’ll receive a free Bowling Alley in the game. The Bowling Alley will allow your customers to bowl for strikes and maybe even turkeys, and earn you coins in the process.

Make sure to head over to the game’s page to check out the full theme of new items for yourself!

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