Shadowrun Creators Create New Non-Shadowrun Game

Tue, Jun 19, 2012

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The folks at Harebrained Schemes have come up with a lunatic plan: what if they took the fame and glory they got from creating the original Shadowrun and used it to help make other, different games? That’s just crazy enough to work, and the folks at TriplePoint client 6waves happen to agree. They’ve drawn back the curtain on the studio’s new title, Strikefleet Omega, which will be striking and fleeting on iOS and Android devices in a couple of days.

Honestly, when I hear a name like Strikefleet Omega, I just wonder what happened to Strikefleets Alpha through Psi. Well, if the press release is any indication, it wasn’t good:

Strikefleet Omega puts players in command of the EEF Retribution and her many squadrons of starfighters. Players must fend off advancing waves of vicious alien enemies by tracing paths for their units, while simultaneously managing mining operations and fleet upgrades. The title is designed with hardcore players in mind, while utilizing the best elements of mobile gaming for an epic space adventure – with nothing less than the fate of humanity at stake.

So, there you go. Terrible alien-based death. Shadowrun was so much more cheerful, where all you had to worry about were ruthless megacorp assassins.

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