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Tue, Aug 17, 2010

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CrowdStar has been showing Happy Pets a lot of support over the last few days, unleashing a slew of new rooms in the game, and a new idol that will allow you to add to your animal collection in a big way, everyday you play the game.

Seven New Rooms Available

While the amount of rooms available in Happy Pets has never been small, allowing users ample space for their collection of furry friends, it’s understandable that some higher level players might actually run out of room. That being the case, CrowdStar has expanded the amount of available rooms in the game by seven – four indoor rooms, and three outdoor yards.

This brings the total amount of indoor roms to 12, not including the Attic or Nursery, and the amount of outdoor rooms to 9. Unfortunately, this doesn’t change the level requirement on any of the previously available rooms, so you won’t be able to access these new spaces any quicker than you would have otherwise. That is, unless you are an extremely high level player, it will be some time before you can add these rooms to your home.

Meanwhile, a new item released in the game will help you fill these new rooms.

Instant Adoption Idol Now Available

If you’re looking for a way to increase your amount of pets exponentially, for doing nothing other than simply playing the game, than the new Instant Adoption Idol is for you. This Idol will allow you to “instantly adopt 1 pet per day per idol from the Pet Trader.”

You’ll earn 495 experience points for purchasing the Idol, which can be done for 198 Facebook Credits, or the equivalent of $19.80 US.

Keep in mind though, these pets aren’t brand new pets brought to you by the stork – these are pets that you’ll find in the Pet Trader, the gray building icon in the bottom menu on the gameplay screen, which contains pets that your friends have put up for adoption.

Head over to the game’s page to see what sorts of pets you could be getting your hands on in the game, or to expand your reach into the game’s seven new spaces.

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