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Tue, Sep 7, 2010

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Playfish has added a new competitive feature to Pirates Ahoy! that will see you battling against your friends for virtual fame and glory. The feature is called the Battle Area, and it be accessed very simply.

Each day, each pirate (that’s you) gets three free passes. You’ll be able to earn more passes by visiting friends, digging them up on islands, or even purchasing them outright for Playfish Cash. Note, these three passes mean that you can challenge three people per day. If you, yourself, are challenge, you do not lose a pass.

The Battle Arena can be accessed by clicking on its icon in the bottom right corner of the screen (the skull). From there, you’ll see which friends you have available to challenge, along with your ship’s stats presented on the left side of the screen, as seen below.

Everyone will start out as a Level 1 Landlubber in the Battle Arena, and it’s through winning battles that you’ll earn experience points that will go towards your level. Your battle rank will allow you to earn Skill Points, along with accessing some new weaponry to use in battle, or just rewarding you with bonus coins. As an example, level 2 is called the Longshoreman, and is earned after accumulating 6 experience points. You’ll earn a reward of 500 coins for reaching it, 3 skill points, and the ability to post some free battle passes to your wall for your friends to claim.

Once you choose a friend to attack, you’ll be show a tutorial as to how to attack. You’ll be able to choose five attack rounds, with your opponent doing the same. Each round has a loser, depending on who was using better equipment in the battle, or who had lesser defenses. The loser of each round loses health, and whoever has the most health remaining after five rounds will win.

You can upgrade your weapons so that they do more damage to your opponents, and you can even add power-ups to yourself that will increase your chances of winning by increasing your health, increasing your attack, or increasing your defense for the length of a single battle.

As you’re battling against your real world friends, these battles might not be concluded right away, as you’ll have to wait for your friends to login. Once the battle has been set into motion, the game plays out a bit like rock-paper-scissors. In terms of the three starter options (ram, throw a rock, or use a shield), if a user chooses to Ram at the same time that you choose to Throw a Rock, it’s likely that the rock will fly over their ship, missing entirely, as it comes in full speed to ram yours. If you both use rocks, they crash in mid air, and so on.

If you win a battle, you’ll earn bonus loot (coins, items, etc.), and can share your excitement with friends (along with sharing some loot) via your wall as a news item. You’ll also gain more points towards your next Battle Arena rank than if you had lost (losers still earn some experience, just not the loot).

Ready to start battling your friends in the Battle Arena? Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to get started.

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