Send Your Friends FishVille Gifts From Space! [Update]

Wed, Feb 24, 2010

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FishVille has taken us all into outer space with their new Interstellar Space themed items. While you can decorate your tank in a pretty impressive fashion with items like space crystals and satellites, your friends can also get in on the action of helping you complete your theme by sending you one of three new gifts.

Head over to the Free Gifts page, and you’ll see an Antique Angelfish Orbiter (remember that Antiques age as they sit in your tank, and become more valuable until you eventually sell them for a substantial profit), one of the nine planets, and a giftable Sun.

Each person will have one of nine planets available to send (for instance, I can give my friends Neptune, while another friend gifted a Saturn to me), which forces you to play nice with your neighbors if you wish to have a chance at completing the solar system.

[UPDATE] It actually appears as though the generation of the planet on the Free Gifts page is randomized, as this morning, I was able to send Neptune, but now, I am able to send Earth. In this way, players with less neighbors (or even just a single neighbor) should be able to complete their planetary collections in the same way that more popular users can.

One last item that you’ll notice on the Free Gifts page goes alone with FishVille’s take on the “community building project.” The Fishlab is available to purchase for 1 Sand Dollar in the Decorations tab of the marketplace, or, friends can send you blocks of 10 pieces via a free gift.

Unfortunately, Zynga hasn’t announced any additional purpose of the completed Fishlab other than it just being a decorative item, so for now, strap on your space suit and head to the game’s page to help your friends build a lab of their own so as to not miss out on anything when and if an additional use does become clear.

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