Send These Three New Gifts to Friends in FarmVille

Thu, Mar 11, 2010

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While you may have eyes set only on gold pieces, the next time you make your way to FarmVille’s free gifts page, scroll down a bit and you’ll be greeted with three new options, two of which are exclusives.

The single gift that’s available to send via the game’s Facebook portal is the Kelly Green Hay, which goes along with the Kelly Green Cow and other St. Patrick’s Day items in celebrating the holiday.

The other two items, the Flax Leaves and the Long Log, are exclusives, meaning that you’ll have to go to the game’s official website, rather than Facebook, in order to send them to your friends. I have found it’s worth reminding you all that once you initiate the gift giving, or, if you add the item to your gift wishlist via, that you friends can send you the item from within Facebook, either by returning the gift that you’ve sent them, or by clicking on the appropriate button in the wishlist item that appears on your news feed.

Pretty convenient, no?

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