Send More School Supplies for Haiti, New German Decorations – FarmVille Updates!

Mon, Sep 27, 2010

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Last week, we brought you the news of Zynga’s latest fundraising attempt to help Haiti, this time asking users to send school supplies to one another in the hopes of crossing the 400 million sent mark, triggering a large donation on Zynga’s part of $100,000. That 400 million barrier has come and gone, but the fundraising hasn’t stopped there. In addition, we also have coverage of the newest German items to hit the game’s marketplace.

Help Send 1 Billion School Supplies for Haiti

After crushing the 400 million school supplies sent mark shortly after launching the event, Zynga has decided to up the ante, if you will, adding a new goal for users to meet. While the $100,000 donation is already set in stone, if FarmVille players can send (and accept) a whopping 1 billion gifts (that’s more than double the original goal), Zynga will donate another $100,000 offering to the School of Choice in Haiti.

As of this writing, the total has already met 750 million school supplies. Can we reach 1 billion? Make sure to do your part, and it will happen in no time!

New Animals, Buildings, and Decorations Available in German Theme

While most of the previously released German items are still available to purchase in the game’s marketplace, that hasn’t stopped Zynga from adding even more German items to the game’s store. These new items come in the form of Animals, Buildings and Decorations. Let’s take a look at what’s available.

First, the new animals are the Gelbvieh Cow and the Lynx. The Cow can be purchased for 22 Farm Cash, and can be harvested from once a day (whether you harvest it manually or place it in a Dairy Farm). The Lynx costs less, at 18 Farm Cash, but you must wait two days before you can collect from it.

For the new buildings, you can now purchase either a Mountain Tavern or a Moss Cabin. The Mountain Tavern costs 34 Farm Cash, while the Moss Cabin is a coin item priced at a whopping 300,000 coins. For making such a big splurge, you’ll receive 3,000 experience points as a bonus.

Finally, the new decorative items are split evenly between premium and standard items. For the premium items, you can now pick up a Forest Waterfall for 34 Farm Cash, or a Black Forest for 22 Farm Cash. Meanwhile, the coin items are the Tree Arch, which costs 10,000 coins, and the Flower Bed, which costs just 3,000 coins.

These items will be available for around a week, as of this writing. Make sure to head over to FarmVille on Facebook soon to pick up the ones you want before they’re gone.

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