Send Flowers for Mother’s Day, Receive 2000 Free Meteor Credits

Fri, Apr 30, 2010

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ProFlowers is making the rounds this Mother’s Day season, offering deals with multiple Facebook games in the spirit of getting something in return for a purchase.

In FarmVille, we learned that purchasing flowers through would net you 100 free Farm Cash. Now, Meteor Games is offering a similar cross-promotion, only this time, a purchase through their link earns you 2,000 Meteor Credits. You can use these credits in Island Paradise, Ranch Town, or any of Meteor’s games on Facebook.

Again, this is a voluntary offer – there is nothing in the game proper that will change if you do or don’t complete it. It’s simply a way for those who had perhaps already planned to send their mother flowers a bit of extra incentive to do so.

Again, we’d love to hear what you think about these sorts of offers in the comment section below – what does a game developer have to give away for you to feel it’s worth participating, or is 2000 free Meteor Credits enough?

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