SEGA PLAY! Baseball Lets Sega Play Baseball for You

Tue, Mar 8, 2011

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Admit it: if you wanted to go through the tiresome, sweaty, groin-pulling rigmarole of actually playing baseball yourself, you’d be outside, and not on Facebook. For those of us with some sense, however, Sega has launched SEGA PLAY! Baseball as an app on our favorite social network. It’s easier, it’s faster, the hot dogs aren’t four bucks apiece, and all of the actual effort is handled by adorable virtual folks in colorful uniforms.

SEGA PLAY! Baseball is starting their season fully three weeks before MLB’s opening day, but that’s because they just move a lot faster. In the time it took you to read this article, your team could have finished a double-header, spent time at the gym, and discussed the landscaping budget for the new stadium. As a social game, the app lets you spend time on the things that matter — avatars, filling up a roster with your friends, and creative greenskeeping. Don’t waste my time with individual pitches! Don’t you know I’ve got to pick a new color for the pitcher’s mound?!

The game is out now, so get out there and (make someone else) play ball!

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