Security Wars: Android vs. iPhone

Tue, Apr 6, 2010

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The advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone and Android platforms should be fairly apparent by now, with iPhone having a closed app environment and Android’s open environment both being huge bullet points for each. Things are not always rosy when it comes to apps though as they can pose a huge security risk for any platform. An unauthorized attack from an app could lead to stolen personal information, and no one wants that.

Between the two platforms, both have their security risks and gates meant to prevent these attacks. On the iPhone, there is a pass-code blocker that will automatically erase your data if there are 10 failed passcode attempts. Android does not have this feature but does list all of the app’s capabilities regarding system tasks such as GPS or Contact integration before installing it.

Both are very capable systems and will likely learn from each other over time but Technology Review for the time being gave the security advantage to iPhone due to its closed system and passcode feature.

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