Secret Japan Map, New Pointer Interface – Treasure Isle Updates!

Thu, Sep 16, 2010

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We’ve seen quite a few updates come in the world of Zynga’s Facebook games this week, with Treasure Isle being no exception. This week, we’ve seen the launch of a new set of “Secret Japan” maps in the ever expanding Asian Isles setting, and we’ve also seen a revamp of the game’s pointer system, allowing you to accomplish more tasks with fewer clicks.

Explore Secret Areas of Japan In Search of Treasure

As we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks, the newest themed locale in Treasure Isle is Asia, with the Asian Isles receiving yet another update this week in the form of a Secret Japan map.

Secret Japan comes immediately after Mythical Voyages in the Asian Isles’ progression, and it contains seven new islands to explore, with most coming with some sort of special stipulation in terms of how to access them. Here are the islands, along with their prices or stipulations:

  • The Old Road
  • Snowbound – Costs 5,000 coins to unlock
  • Samurai VS Ninja – Costs 19 Island Cash to unlock
  • Tiny Village – Costs 50,000 coins to unlock
  • Mini Metro – Costs 12 Island Cash to unlock
  • Forest Creatures – Costs 15 Island Cash to unlock
  • The Outpost – Unlocked at level 160

Have you completed the other islands in the Asian Isle series? Let us know in the comments!

New Arrow Allows For New Control Options

The Treasure Isle user interface has been updated to allow for users to have better control over the items on their Home Islands, by offering new options to streamline the process of redecoration and the like.

In terms of the Home Island, you can now click on the Arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen to see a pop-up menu of options, one of which is “Move.” Click on this button and your arrow turns into a cross, allowing you to click on an item and instantly pick it up. You’ll then be able to move the item to its new home and simply click again to drop it. This can be done for as many items as you’d like to move, one right after the other, with no special menues to access or options to change.

Likewise, if you’d like to rotate an item, you can do so by once again clicking on the Arrow and this time clicking on the Rotate option, turning your arrow into a circle. Click on an item to rotate it and pick it up all at the same time. Click again to place the newly rotated object back on the ground.

While this might not seem like a big deal, remember that moving items previously required you to click on each individual item, wait for the item-specific menu appear, and then choose Move from the list of options that appeared. To be clear, you can still move items in this way, but the new Move button does help speed up this process.

The final option is the Sell option, which will allow you to quickly sell or otherwise delete items on your Home Island that you no longer want. Head over to the game’s page to see this update in action.

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