Second Challenge Mission Now Available in Mafia Wars: Paris

Tue, May 4, 2010

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I hope you’ve been hard at work completing the first Challenge Mission in Mafia Wars: Paris, because the second mission is now available, but only if you’ve completed the first.

The second mission is entitled “From Paris, with Lourve,” and it sees you breaking into the Lourve to steal the the Mona Lisa. It contains three missions: “Shut Down the Security System,” “Enter the Building,” and “Disable the Safeguards.” By default, with a totally clear Heat Meter (as we’ve told you before, the Heat Meter raises as you complete missions and the Parisian authorities work to catch you), the three missions require either 2 or 3 Parisian Maps to complete, making them more difficult to master than the first chapter’s missions, but just as satisfying to complete.

If you manage to complete all three missions, you’ll receive the French Kiss weapon, which comes with a whopping 75 Attack and 45 Defense.

Six days from now, the third chapter will unlock, and in a little under 14 days, the entire event will expire. Have you completed Chapter 1 of the Parisian Challenge Missions yet? If not, make sure to head over to the Mafia Wars game page on Facebook to get to work on it!

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