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Wed, Jun 30, 2010

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CrowdStar has released a new interactive decoration in Happy Island. The decoration is called N.D.’s Dig Site, and it costs 89 Facebook Credits to purchase (around $9 US). By clicking on the item once every 24 hours, you’ll receive a prize. For the first 14 days that you click on the Dig Site, you’ll receive a free Facebook Credit (for 14 Credits in total).

On the 15th day, you’ll receive one of three Golden Artifacts, like seen in the image below. Every single day after that (from day 16 and indefinitely thereafter) you’ll receive 5,000 coins, which is a fairly nice setup, when you think about how many coins you’ll ultimately earn from your investment, especially when comparing the initial 89 Facebook Credit investment to the cost of purchasing coins outright (which also costs Facebook Credits to do).

Want to purchase N.D.’s Dig Site for your own island? Head over to the game’s page to do so.

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