Scrabble, Words with Friends Addicts Seek New Shape with HexaLex on iPhone

Thu, Jul 1, 2010

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What do you get when you turn square tiles into hexagons? Pure awesomeness, in the form of a new iPhone crossword game, HexaLex. TriplePoint client and independent developer, Nathan Gray, just released version 2.0 of HexaLex, reshaping the traditional Scrabble board and bending the rules to create a new experience for crossword lovers, Words with Friends fans, and anyone looking for a hexagonal chit-chatty challenge.

Imagine Scrabble but on a hexagonal board with hexagonal letter tiles so you can play words in three directions…

HexaLex 2.0 introduces new social features, including online multiplayer modes, Facebook integration, a friend finder, medals and achievements; in addition to iOS 4 support.

Even if you lose network connection, you can continue playing in online mode and the game will update your moves when you reconnect. Sweet!

This is a big publisher quality word game from one man, who has devoted the past 2 years to improving the classic Scrabble experience, and raising the bar for word gamers.

“The single-player game got great reviews from users but we all know there’s nothing like slamming a 72-point triple-word bingo on your know-it-all buddy,” said Gray. “Given the enthusiasm iPhone gamers have shown for Words With Friends and Scrabble, I’m confident we’ll have a community of enthusiastic HexaLexers in short order.”

Read more in the full press release, and visit the App Store to download HexaLex ($2.99) and get your diagonal vernacular groove on today.

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