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Mon, Aug 30, 2010

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Zynga has made it clear that they like the Wild West, as the theme has taken over two of the developer’s most popular games. First, a series of Wild West themed decorations was added to FarmVille, and now, the same theme has come to Cafe World, alongside new free gifts and even a new recipe to finish things off.

The theme’s decorative items are actually quite sparse, when compared to other themes we’ve seen in the past. For starters, there are no new tables or chairs to choose from, leaving the theme to start officially in the Door section of the store, where we find a Saloon Door available for 2 Cafe Cash. The Window and Wall Art section offers a Saloon TV and a Bar, along with a fireplace, and a few wanted posters, among other items. The theme skips the flooring section, but does offer one type of wallpaper in the form of Red Saloon Wallpaper. The decorations section of the marketplace rounds out the theme by offering a Happy Miner figure, along with a Can Can Dancer figure, an Indian and a Cowboy figure, a Saloon Bartop, and finally a table of card players.

The only good thing about the lack of items in this theme is that the chance of receiving everything is much greater through the game’s Mystery Crates. That is, you wouldn’t have to purchase as many, in theory, to get your hands on all of the items at a discount (remember, each Crate costs 10 Cafe Cash), as you may have had to with a larger theme.

In addition, the Wild West theme continues onto the game’s free gifts page, where you can send your friends two single-time-use items in the form of Jerky and Tin Cup Coffee, or you can pass out 10 serving portions of the game’s newest, themed recipe: Ranch Beans.

If you’d rather cook the Ranch Beans, instead of giving them out, you can do so, so long as you are level 49 or above. It can be cooked for 190 coins, and is ready to serve in just 15 minutes. You’ll have 13 servings of the dish to sell  for 30 coins per serving, for a total of 390 coins when all servings have been sold. In the process of cooking and serving the dish, you’ll earn just 22 Cafe Points.

Head over to the game’s page to browse through these new items.

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