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Fri, Apr 9, 2010

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The next time you log into Mafia Wars, at some point you’ll be met with a pop-up introducing you to a new feature in the form of a Weapons Depot. The Weapons Depot is a free addition to the game, and is incredibly similar to the Chop Shop in its functionality. You’ll use it to collect weapon parts and subsequently create new weapons from those parts.

The Weapons Depot is found to the right of the Chop Shop on the New York Properties bar. As you’ll quickly discover, it functions in the same way as the Chop Shop, but it simply produces weapons instead of vehicles.

The Weapons Depot has a level. Starting at Level 1, you’ll be able to collect multiple units of five different “ingredients” to upgrade its level, and therefore upgrade the rarity of the weapons it can produce. For the first Depot upgrade, you’ll need to collect 20 parts in total, four each of a Forge, Arc Welder, Buzzsaw, Gunpowder, and Gun Drill.

Parts can be collected either by posting a call for help on your feed that asks your friends to send you parts, or, you can head over to the free gifts page and send a part to your friend in the hopes that they return the favor.

There are ten available levels for the Weapons Depot, and as you progress you’ll go from producing random common weapons with unknown stats to high-end munitions like the Railgun and Plasma Rifle, which contain 51 Attack and 24 Defense stats or 40 Attack and 47 Defense stats, respectively.

Not only will you need more Depot construction materials to upgrade the Depot to those high levels in the first place, but afterward, you’ll need to have more individual weapons parts to build these high-end guns. Each day, your Depot will produce some weapons parts, and it appears as though you’ll be able to find more as random loot drops from jobs and fights.

Head over to the Mafia Wars game page on Facebook to dive straight into this new feature.

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