Say Hello to the Far East With Restaurant City’s Japanese Cafe Items

Thu, Apr 8, 2010

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It’s another week in Restaurant City, which means another new item theme has hit the stores. This week, it’s a nod at a Japanese Cafe. The release may be small in terms of overall quantity of items, but when you combine the decorative items seen below to the three new recipes released earlier in the week, including the addition of two all-new ingredients to the game (Salmon and Seaweed), you have a theme that packs a big bunch, regardless of its size.

In terms of those regular items available for coins, there are a lovely Zen Chair and Sushi Table available for your guests to dine on, some pretty wall art, a Bonsai tree and a red Japanese Divider, along with some samurai items, including a Samurai Sword, a Katana and a Shuriken. You can add a Tatami Mat to your flooring, along with either a Shoji Screen or Sakura Wallpaper to complete the look.

The prices here range from 30 coins for a single square of Tatami Mat flooring to 30,000 coins for the Japanese Garden Picture. Aside from these items, there are quite a few functional and/or Playfish Cash items also available in the theme.

You can pick up a long Zen Table for 5 Playfish Cash, that is able to serve two customers at once, or a set of decorative Samurai Armor for 7 Cash. The High Tech Smart Toilet works 40% faster and works for 4 times as long without breaking, while the lovely Cherry Blossom Tree spreads cherry blossoms throughout your restaurant. The final Playfish Cash item is a Ceremonial Drink Set, available only to those who have signed up to receive Restaurant City emails. It serves drinks 8% faster than normal, and can be purchased for 6 Cash.

Also remember that you can send the Sushi Sign Décor to friends from the game’s free gifts page, or purchase one outright for 1100 coins, and take a look at the Teppenyaki Grill, which cooks food 3% faster, all for the low price of 9,000 coins.

If you’d like to purchase any of these items for use in your own Restaurant, head over to the game’s page.

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