Say “Guten Tag” to New FarmVille Germany and Rainbow Mystery Game Items!

Wed, Sep 15, 2010

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It’s that time again – Zynga has updated FarmVille with a new limited edition item theme, and this time, we take a trip to Germany with new animals, buildings and decorative items. In addition to that, the Mystery Game has bee updated yet again to include all-things-rainbow, with one of these items being available separating in the game’s store.

New Germany Items Now Available!

Zynga has taken us to Italy, France, the American Southwest and even California with their various item themes in FarmVille, and this time around, we head back to Europe for a theme based on Germany. So far, the theme contains items on the Animals, Buildings and Decorations tabs, so let’s take a look at the new items that are available.

The new animal is the Roe Deer, available for 16 Farm Cash. It can be harvested every 2 days, and remember, as a Farm Cash item, you can either keep the Roe Deer for yourself, or you can send it to a friend as a gift.

For the Buildings, you can pick up one decorative building and two functional items. The decorative building is the Flower Cafe, available for 34 Farm Cash. The other two items are the German Barn and German Tool Shed. The Barn costs 30 Farm Cash, and holds 22 items by default, while the Tool Shed costs 100,000 coins and holds 15 items to start. For spending such a large amount of coins, you’ll receive 1000 experience points as a bonus.

Finally, there are four German decorations to choose from, and only one costs Farm Cash. That item is the Flower Knoll, which costs 4 Farm Cash. The other three items are the Animal Statue, Giant Moss Rock and a single piece of Farm Fence. The Animal Statue will set you back 80,000 coins, while the Giant Moss Rock costs 50,000 coins, to the Farm Fence’s 5,000 coins.

This first release in the Germany theme will be around for the next 12 days.

Rainbow Themed Mystery Game Now Available

The FarmVille Mystery Game has been updated yet again, this time to include a wide variety of rainbow-themed items.

The items available in this edition of the Mystery Game are the Rainbow, Rainbow Bridge, Rainbow Chicken, Rainbow Fountain, Rainbow Jungle Gym, and Rainbow Lorikeet.

If you want to get your hands on at least one of these items without paying the 16 Farm Cash it takes to play the game, you can also pick up the Rainbow Chicken, which has been released as an individual item under the Animals tab of the marketplace. It costs 28 Farm Cash, and, as it is a chicken, it can be placed in the Chicken Coop, where you’ll be given the chance of collecting rare Rainbow Mystery Eggs when you collect from the Coop on a daily basis.

This new edition of the Mystery Game will be available for one week only, so head over to the game’s page as soon as possible if you want a chance at earning all of the items.

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