Save Yello, Save Money

Tue, Jan 24, 2012

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The new release from dreamfab, Saving Yello Lite, is not a game about hanging on to your very last colored lightbulb in order to have the best holiday decorations ever. That would be an awesome game, though. No, Saving Yello Lite is a free “sampler” version of Saving Yello, the hit app from the TriplePoint client and fish-sympathizing developer. Now, curious users can experience just how rewarding it feels to save the life of a tiny, hapless goldfish, using the devastating explosions of kindness and decency, at no cost.

Read for yourself:

Saving Yello Lite gives potential Yello saviors who might not want to stay out of the water too long a taste of their rescue mission. It will include a selection of 10 levels from the Play Room, the first area, free of charge!

Save a fish, and you feel good about it for a day. Teach the world to save a fish, and you feel pretty dang awesome.

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