Sandy Beach, Lady Slippers, Mystery Game Relaunch – FarmVille Updates!

Wed, Aug 4, 2010

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FarmVille experienced a fairly large update last night, bringing with it a new set of limited edition New England items, along with a new round of the Mystery Game, complete with some “small” prizes.

Additional New England Items Available in the FarmVille Marketplace

The New England theme expanded greatly last night, as new offerings came to not only the expected Animals, Buildings and Decorations tabs of the FarmVille marketplace, but to the Seeds, Trees, and even Upgrade Farm tabs as well. We’ll start where the store starts – by looking at the new crop.

The new seed is the Lady Slippers, a type of flower that can be grown for 70 coins per square. It grows for only six hours, at which point you can harest the plant for 115 coins per square. You’ll earn a single experience point for each square of the flower that you plant.

Next, on the Trees tab, we find an Heirloom Apple tree. It can be harvested every 2 days, and can be added to your farm for 10,000 coins each.

Moving onto the Animals tab, we see the release of a Miniature Horse. The Miniature Horse will cost you 26 Farm Cash to purchase, and can be harvested from every 3 days. The horse can be placed inside a Stable, and if you do so, it can be bred. If you breed two Miniature Horses, you’ll receive a Miniature Foal, while breeding a Miniature Horse and a Normal Horse will result in a Normal Foal.

In the Buildings tab, you’ll see two new offerings, the Stone Villa and the Village Center. Both are premium items, available for 50 and 36 Farm Cash, respectively. As such, they come with lesser experience point bonuses, at 1,375 points for the Stone VIlla and 850 for the Village Center.

On the Decorations tab, we find three new items, a Flower Bridge for 42 Farm Cash, a Rose Arch for 7 Farm Cash, and a set of hanging Quilts for 10,000 coins.

Finally, even the Upgrade Farm tab has seen a new addition in the form of a new “Beach” landscape. As usual, this option will change all of the grass (or desert or snow) on your farm into a sandy beach, all for 1,000 coins. You can change between any of these options at will, so don’t be afraid that your decision is permanent.

Aside from the new Beach landscape (which is a permanent addition), the rest of these items will be available for the next 10 days.

Mystery Game Updated to Include Miniature Items

There’s a new round of the Mystery Game available to play via the FarmVille marketplace’s Decorations tab. You’ll be able to play the Mystery Game for 20 Farm Cash, but unlike the Mystery Box, you won’t have to spend hundreds of Farm Cash blindly just to receive the item that you want.

The new prizes include: Babydoll Sheep, Mini Donkey, Mini Goat, Miniature Pig, Mini Stallion and a Pygmy Marmosets.

Head over to the game’s page to purchase any of the New England items, or to play this new round of the Mystery Game while they are still available.

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