Sand Dollar Fish in FishVille Can No Longer Die

Wed, Jun 9, 2010

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For those who frequently check in on their tanks in FishVille, you may not have been aware of a growing concern among users, that being the fact that fish purchased with the game’s premium currency, Sand Dollars, could get sick and die just like any other fish in the game. Users were upset by this, as they felt it unfair that users could lose something that they had paid real money (or the equivalent thereof) for in the game.

Zynga has addressed this concern by removing the ability for Sand Dollar fish to die. To be clear, these fish can still get sick, and afterward can be healed with medicine, but if you were to leave the game for an extended period of time, you’ll now come back to a tank full of living Sand Dollar fish, rather than a sea of dead fish.

This new trait has gone into effect for not only Sand Dollar fish which are currently swimming in tanks, but for all Sand Dollar fish that will be purchased in the future. Does this make you want to buy more Sand Dollar fish? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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