Rushing Waters: New Kingdom Rush Frontiers Content Inbound

Mon, Jul 29, 2013

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When the sequel to possibly our favorite tower defense game came out last month, we were understandably excitedKingdom Rush Frontiers represented a fresh dose of everything we loved in the title, including new levels, new enemies, and new heroes to fight them off, complete with the usual mayhem and humor that Ironhide Game Studio (a TriplePoint client) does so well. So, today, when we found out there was a big update coming to Kingdom Rush Frontiers, and it was going to add new levels, new enemies, and new heroes to fight them off… I mean, how are we supposed to react? It’s like we already had Christmas in summer, and then our parents pulled an extra present from behind the tree. The update is called “Rising Tides” and it’s got piratey levels, and mer-creatures, and apparently a big angry kraken. Give it here, Ironhide. Gimme!

Behold the trailer!

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