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Fri, Aug 20, 2010

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For those who are familiar with Rummikub in the real world, you’ll be happy to know that P-Kama has brought the game to Facebook, in a game that is about as social as you can get on Facebook.

Rummikub pits you against other real-world players as you play the tile/board game of the same name. If you’ve never played the board game, but have played traditional Rummy with a deck of cards, the gameplay here should be fairly easy to jump into.

Each user starts with a set amount of tiles, and it’s your overall goal to remove all of the tiles from your hand. The tiles are number 1-13 and are color-coded. Both players will play on the same central game board from their racks. The first “meld,” or placement of tiles on the board has to total 30, and you can only place tiles on the board so long as they fit into either the set or run categories.

Runs are groups of three or more like-colored tiles that are in order numerically (4,5,6, or 10,11,12, as examples), while sets are groups of three or more differently colored tiles of the same number. Three fives, or three thirteens, as examples, so long as they are different colors. If you don’t have a move at the time, you can always draw a tile from the stack in order to earn more moves.

Up to four players can play at once, allowing groups of friends to get together and play with each other, if they’d like, or you can play and chat (including video chat) with other random players. The game contains a complex lobby system, allowing users to either join games outright, or join as spectators. You’ll even be able to send gifts to your friends, both new friends and old friends alike.

For beginners, it seems as though it would be best for users to join with other users of the same experience level, as there are loads of expert players already waiting to pounce in the wings. This makes Rummikub a great game for friends to join and play together, as they’ll both start out on the same skill level.

For players that have an account on, you’ll be able to sync that account with your Facebook account if you choose. If you’d like to join a game of Rummikub, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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