Romantic Collectibles, Bedroom Furniture, Free Gifts – YoVille Updates!

Fri, Sep 10, 2010

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YoVille has been updated quite a bit this week, as Zynga works to prove that September really is Player Appreciation Month in the game. This newest update sees the release of both new Romantic themed Bedroom furniture and accessories and Romantic themed collectibles, along with the return of a familiar item to the game’s free gifts page.

Romantic Bedroom Furniture Will Set the Mood

The Romantic theme in YoVille has been expanded to include 55 new Bedroom items. The items continue in the themes overall color palette, offering four different shades for most of the theme’s “basic” items. In this case, you can pick up Brown, Purple, Red or White versions of Beds, Nightstands, Lamps, Room Dividers, Short Drawers (dressers), Tall Drawers, Vanity Stools, Armoires, Vanities, Potted Ferns (the pots are different colors), and Rugs.

Additional items come in the form of windows, paintings and wall art, wall sconces, a hanging wall clock, and even mirrors, with both a wall-mounted and floor standing version being available.

As usual, the theme contains a mix of items that cost coins and YoCash. Interestingly enough, the vast majority of items in this portion of the theme can be purchased with little more than gold coins, with the exception of a couple of items, like the Vanity Stools and the Beds themselves, which range in price from 4-8 YoCash, collectively.

Romantic Collectibles Now Available

In addition to the above Bedroom items, two new collectibles have been released in the Romantic theme of items.

The first is the Romantic Hot Tub, available for 32 YoCash. It seats two, or so says the item’s description when you hover over it in the store.

The other item is the Romantic Waterfall, available to purchase for 20,000 coins. The waterfall is a striking piece of in-game architecture that would look great in any outdoor space, but it is merely a decorative feature.

These two items will disappear from the game’s store in a little more than 10 days – make sure to purchase the one(s) you want while they are available.

Silver Key and Mystery Chest Re-Released As Free Gifts

For a very limited time, Zynga has re-released the Silver Mystery Chest as two items on the game’s free gifts page, all as part of the game’s Player Appreciation Month.

For those that are unfamiliar, the system of Mystery Chests launched on YoVille back in March, and they see users combining like-colored keys and chests to open them up and receive the prize inside.

In the case of the Silver Mystery Chest, you’ll be able to win either YoCoins or even YoCash when you open one of them. Their being re-released on the game’s free gifts page will give all of those users who always had a key, but never a chest, a chance to finally put the key to use. The same goes for those who had a slew of unopened chests, but no keys in sight!

Make sure to head over to the game’s page on Facebook to see these updates in action, and make sure to send your friends these Silver Mystery Chests and Keys while they are (once again) available in the game.

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