Rocka Bowling is Hella Free

Wed, May 23, 2012

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When we mentioned that Best Cool Fun Games was about to release Rocka Bowling 3D on the app store this week, we weren’t just saying that to hear ourselves talk. Come to think of it, we’re not even sure how that would work; these posts aren’t in an audible format. Anyway, the game was, in fact, released, and it’s free, so I’m not sure why we’re still discussing this while you waste valuable bowling time.

From the press release:

Rocka Bowling 3D sends gamers to a 50s-era bowling alley, where they can hone their mobile-bowling skills through simple swipe gestures and smooth animations. Utilizing straight, power, and hook rolls, players can rack up high scores via the game’s realistic bowling mechanics. Gamers are rewarded with a coin for each pin they knock down, which they can spend to pick up new bowling balls, pins, and more in the game’s pro shop. 3D animation and sound effects immerse players in the game, where up to six people can compete with local multiplayer on a single device, adding to the full-blown bowling experience.

The longer you wait, the fewer coins you will have by this time tomorrow.

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