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Sun, Jul 4, 2010

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While you can get some simulated rock action on the iPhone with Guitar Hero, here comes a full fledged application that allows you to plug in a guitar and actually rock out yourself. It comes in two pieces–the iRig and AmpliTube. The iRig is a piece of hardware that connects your guitar to phone, while AmpliTube is the application that runs on your phone and put all sorts of effects on your music.

According to CrunchGear, the package works out quite well:

“Come to think of it, if I had to sum up the AmpliTube iRig combo in one word, that would be the word I would choose – intuitive. You don’t have to read one instruction manual or download a single PDF to figure out how to use AmpliTube for iPhone. Just plug  your guitar or bass in and start fiddling with it. In no time you will have some serious guitar fuzz flowing past your little eardrums,” CrunchGear writer Jay Donovan opines.

For both the application and the iRig dongle, you’ll be set back $60. Which, as Donovan admits, is quite steep if you’re not serious about your guitar.

Personally, I can’t play a lick of guitar, but if you watch the video Donovan posted on the iRig/AmpliTube–it does look pretty easy to play around with:

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