Rock-a-Bye PetVille: Nursery Decorations Now Available

Wed, Apr 14, 2010

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Got the baby blues? Set up a nice new nursery in PetVille to cure your woes! Last weekend we warned you, and now it’s here. Cribs, strollers, toys, rocking chairs and everything you need are now available in the PetVille furniture store, floor 9.

The nursery floor in the furniture store is bursting with pink and blue merchandise for your pets to take home and decorate a new kind of room – even if you don’t have a baby to put in it ;)

What can you find within the nursery collection? There are separate areas for girly pink and boyish blue nursery supplies, along with a few gender neutral items thrown in the mix. You’ll encounter the pink selection first, on your stroll through the nursery furniture store floor.

There are pink and white cribs, strollers, baby monitors, bassinets, mobiles, shelves and more, including some cute toys that, though expensive as all get out, are cute enough to want without a baby.

You’ll find some adorable wall art, which unfortunately, seems way to pricey for my pet at 10 Pet Cash a pop:

The nursery collection includes some awesome toy boxes, new wall and flooring options, children’s books, decorative boxes, rocking horses and baby-care creams galore.

There are diapers, diaper bags, baby food jars, rugs, tables, lamps, stuffed animals, curtains, chests, changing tables, pet wipes and more.

Leaving the pretty pink section and making our way to more mannish decor, some of the gender-neutral items include a wooden crib and rocking chair, pet growth chart and white toy box.

In the boy-blue section of the nursery collection, there are leaf lamps, blue strollers, a really cool-looking twisted blue crib, more toys and shelving. Basically you’ll find blue versions of all the pink items from the girl area. Check out that xylophone!

Finally, here are a few more lamps, tables and curtains from the blue collection, and a dandy new dollhouse that no one in their right mind can afford at 45 Pet Cash. That doesn’t mean I don’t want it, just means I can’t buy it.Do you think it’s silly to have so much new nursery stuff without puppies or kitties to put in a PetVille nursery? Crowdstar’s Happy Pets just got nurseries too, but they have baby animals to accompany them.

I’ll probably pick up a rocking chair and some toys for my pet’s pad, even though I don’t plan on decorating a whole nursery room (unless or until Zynga adds the option to put a baby in them). Which items do you plan to buy for your pet?

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