Robots Are Attacking Every Platform You Have

Operaction: Cross CounterWell, that’s it. TriplePoint client Sollmo has doomed us all. By plotting to launch their latest game, Operation CrossCounter, on multiple platforms with cross-platform play, they’ve basically given the terrifying robot hordes a wealth of new avenues to attack and annihilate humanity. Thanks for that, guys. So now, even if we had managed to fight off the robots in our web browsers, the persistent game world is still undefended on our iPhones and Androids.

Sheesh. Androids? The robots are already here, living among us. Perfect.

Read and despair:

Building on the success of Buddy Rush, winner of the 2011 Unity Cross-platform Award, Operation CrossCounter allows for real-time, true cross-platform cooperative gameplay across iOS, Android and web browsers. With friends, or AI-controlled characters, players fight for the future from their mobile devices or computers in a 3D, persistent sci-fi universe, embarking on missions to combat the Guroken menace. Successes and failures in each mission contribute to an overall “War Situation System” which adapts the gameworld and available missions accordingly for all players.

Well, I’ll just be over here, weeping.

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