Robot Rising is in Open Beta and We’re All Doomed

I don’t understand why, when I go to the trouble of warning you guys about these things, nobody takes the proper precautions. I told you last month that the horrible robot sympathizers at Tencent Boston were bringing another robot apocalypse upon our heads, and I was hoping that would get you guys to start building barricades, hoarding supplies, and so on. Instead, you’ve let the TriplePoint client go ahead and continue with their plans — and now Robot Rising is in open beta, and… well, look at it. It’s a Unity-based game, which means it’s a 3D action game that runs on Facebook. 3D on Facebook, people. Now we’re all going to be too busy playing it to defend ourselves. That’s just perfect.

There’s even a trailer of this thing. Look at it, and then remember these days when humanity still ruled the earth, ’cause they’re nearly over.

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