Robot Rising Headed to Facebook; Thanks, Tencent Boston

Thu, Jul 12, 2012

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It never fails. The second we start trying to advance global technology and development, it leads to an uprising of robots which winds up threatening humanity, every time. You’d think we would figure it out after a while, but no — this time, we’ve got TriplePoint client Tencent Boston to blame. I’m sure they had perfectly benevolent reasons to combine “top Western development talent and best-of-breed online gaming know-how from the East,” but, as always, it’s winding up with Robot Rising. Now we’re going to log in to Facebook and have to deal with “fast-paced combat” against an “army of mechanical foes.” Thanks a lot, guys.

From the press release:

Fast paced combat is at the heart of the Robot Rising sci-fi role playing experience. Stomp Games has created a deeply robust game with hundreds of different levels in exotic environments. Players take on the role of a new species of Artificial Intelligence to gather resources, including treasure and gear, build and expand a base, and unleash a merciless arsenal in non-stop, white-knuckle combat to defeat an army of mechanical foes.

Well, that’s just great. Let’s get started forming a plucky human resistance, again.

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