Robbing is Back in Mafia Wars

Mon, Mar 29, 2010

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A couple of weeks ago, we learned that robbing would be making a comeback in Mafia Wars. The Robbing system had been a casualty of the New York property overhaul, but Zynga wasn’t ready to let the feature fall entirely by the wayside. In comes the new (and apparently improved) Robbing tab, which is found on the Fight page of the New York City directory.

Upon your first entry into the page, you’ll be met with an introductory pop-up that will give you a rundown as to how the new system of robbing works. Robbing relies on both your available stamina points, and the size of your mafia. Properties are listed, without the names of the owners, and are given a color and word rating based on how difficult it would be for you, with your own individual stats, to rob that particular establishment.

Each building lists how many of your mafia members would be in on the hit, and how many stamina points it would take you to make an attempt at robbing it. The building types vary, and will see you attempting to rob all things from Office Buildings to Chop Shops.

If you succeed at robbing, you’ll be shown who owned the building, including their level and defensive stats. You’ll see your own offensive stats in comparison (and can even view a detailed list of items used in the hit, if you so choose), along with how many experience points and how much cash you earned from robbing the building.

If you fail, you’ll receive much of the same information, and you’ll still receive a small amount of experience points, but the building’s place on the grid will turn red, signifying the defeat, rather than green for success.

You can continue to pick from enemies on that same grid of potential buildings, and earn a bonus at the end, if you manage to clear them all. Conversely, if you don’t see a building that you’d like to rob, you can refresh the grid to include new buildings by spending some stamina points.

As you successfully rob buildings, you’ll gain “experience” in a secondary bar, unrelated to your overall Mafia Wars level. This bar is your “Robbery Mastery” bar, and it can be filled ten times, as you climb to ten different levels of mastery. You’ll receive better experience point rewards for each successful heist as you gain levels.

Of course, as you can rob from other mafias, so too can your properties be robbed. If you remember to continually collect from your “ready” properties, you’ll never be robbed. However, if you forget and you are hit by a thief, you can hover over your property to learn who did the deed, and can alert your mafia to help you get revenge, or you can attack them directly.

Obviously, this new system of robbing will be much more entertaining for those who have been pouring stat points into their stamina level, leaving those who have been concentrating on, say their energy level, to play a very long waiting game, as they rob one or two properties before they run out of stamina and have to wait for the supply to refill over time.

Still, there are an additional two item collections that can be completed with items “dropped from Robbing,” that serve as added incentive to keep going. The first collection, “Tools of the Trade,” will reward you with 20% more cash and items from Robbing after it is completed, while the second collection, “Stolen Diamond,” gives you a 10% better chance of being successful at future heists.

Head over to your New York properties page in Mafia Wars to make sure your properties are protected from robbing, or to start pulling off some heists of your own.

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