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Mon, Aug 23, 2010

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We’ve seen a few games released on Facebook recently with an overall theme or message of environmental protection behind it. Adding to this trend is Atakama’s newest Facebook game Terranova.

Terranova places you in the role of an astronaut that crashes onto Terranova, a barren, lifeless planet filled with toxic waste, garbage and other unsavory things. Since you’re now stuck here, you’ll need to do everything you can to add life and color back into this land devoid of both, and you’ll do that primarily through the addition of flowers and other plant life, which gradually turns the world green.

Unlike other Facebook games that give you one screen of land, which may or may not be expandable over time, Terranova instead incorporates a whole “World Map” aspect, and the ability to change screens, via the arrows placed on the edges of the screen. In this way, the game contains areas like a glacier, cliff, river, and even crystal mine, all of which are separate from one another, and thus contain their own gameplay elements. You’ll simply have to use the arrows on the screens to navigate between these sections of Terranova.

The game’s quest based system will hold your hand through much of the game, asking you plant specific plants, or travel to specific areas of the planet to complete tasks, but you’ll also be given a large amount of freedom, in that you can complete these quests whenever you choose; that is, you can simply continue planting and growing flowers until your heart’s content, until you feel the need to continue on with the main plot.

Each type of plant has its own stats, including how long they take to grow to maturity, which is when you can start earning profits from them, by simply clicking on them to collect Terracoins. Collecting notwithstanding, your actions like planting, among others, require energy, and keeping the plants alive requires you to water them, so you have status bars for both energy and water in the top right corner of the screen. In the game’s first few missions, you’ll find a glacier through which you can tap more water, and a crystal mine which will refill your energy every few minutes.

Additionally, as you pick up trash or toxic waste on the planet, you’ll need to build dumpsters and recycling stations through which to dispose of them properly. Your inventory can only hold so many of each, so you’ll need to revisit these items regularly to make use of them.

Aside from the quests and plant growing, you’ll be able to purchase various decorations for Terranova, including a small home for yourself, benches, fences, garden gnomes and so on, all from the game’s store. You can also unlock new areas of Terranova as you level up and earn the items necessary to travel, or by adding more neighbors within the game. In addition, you can earn various rewards or achievements by completing mostly repetition tasks in the game (grow a specific number of X plant, as an example).

Terranova has only been around for a few days, and looks to be quickly climbing towards the 100,000+ user mark. If you’d like to join these players in cleaning up Terranova, head over to the game’s page on Facebook and be sure to check out our Frisky Hands-On of the game below to see what to expect should you decide to join them.

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    You can also unlock new areas of Terranova as you level up and earn the items necessary to travel, or by adding more neighbors within the game.

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