Restaurant City Wishes Players Good Fortune for the Chinese New Year

Mon, Feb 15, 2010

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The next time you log into Restaurant City, you’ll be greeted by a present from the game’s developers.

The present comes in the form of a Lucky Red Packet, filled with 888 coins.

While that might seem like an odd number to the uninformed, has the scoop from a Restaurant City fan, who explains both the item’s significance and that of the number 888.

The lucky money from RC means a lot to Chinese people! Let me explain some interesting facts about the Lucky Packet (Red Envelope). The Chinese character, 福, means “good fortune” and the number, 888, pronounced “fa fa fa” in Chinese means “become rich”!

If you read everything on the gift’s popup, you’ll also see that this may be the first of multiple packs you receive, as logging in each day (presumably for a limited amount of time) will mean that you “might get another one.”

Head over to the game’s page to pick up your packet.

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