Restaurant City Now Offers New Colors of Basic Items

Thu, Jun 10, 2010

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As we told you earlier this week, the item “theme” in Restaurant City this week isn’t really a proper theme at all, but rather a mass release of some new spins on classic items, along with an assortment of other accessory or functional items.

Mostly, we’re seeing some of the game’s basic brown, black, or white items (like the White Cloth Table, as but one example) being re-released in new colors, like pink, blue, green and so on. In the case of the Cloth Table, there are actually 11 new options to choose from, all with the same shape as the traditional table, but with a different color or pattern on the tablecloth.

The same goes for the Chair section of the store, which now sees three new colors of the basic Modern Chair, two for the Romantic Chair and two for the Sofas. There are new color options for Draperies, divider blocks and wall construction pieces, and even a new color of stove – the Mint Stove which cooks food 1% faster than a traditional stove, but is purchased for only 2,000 coins.

For the new items, there is a functional Sphinx object that is unlocked at level 60 for 350,000 coins. It adds one second to your customers’ waiting time, should they not be served by your waiters before getting up to leave due to slow service. While not entirely new (as there are other colors available), there’s also a new Arcade Machine, the Blue Retro Arcade Machine, that is purchased for 18,000 coins, and which earns 120 coins of profit every four hours, along with a new Obelisk item in an Onyx color scheme that adds 2.5 points to your restaurant’s maximum popularity (the higher the popularity rating, the more people that come into your restaurant).

If you’d like to help your friends celebrate this item release, you can head over to the game’s free gifts menu and send them a new color of the traditional Magic Water Tile – the Dark Magic Water Tile, which functions the same as the basic Water Tile, in that it adds a decorative touch to your flooring, but can’t be walked on.

If you’re a lower level player, these options will allow you to add more of a colorful look to your restaurant without spending a lot of money. For everyone else, if you practice “less is more” in your restaurant, these basic items are sure to work for you as well. To browse through the complete collection, be sure to head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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