Restaurant City Free Fan Item: 500 Coins

Sun, Mar 28, 2010

Restaurant City, Social

The Federation Against Restaurant City Extra-Terrestrials is on the move again on Playfish’s Restaurant City fan page. This time, they’re warning users against a mysterious Alien Monolith, that has been spotted in some users’ restaurants, that spontaneously covers patrons in alien masks as they enter the restaurant! To protect ourselves from this alien menace, we’re being given 500 free coins.

In more realistic terms, this event serves as an ad for said Alien Monolith decoration, which is a piece of the “Out of This World” item theme that was released in the game last week. It gives your customers alien masks to help complete the overall theme of your restaurant, but no one is harmed in the process.

To get your free 500 coins, either head over to the game’s fan page, or click on this link.

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