Restaurant City Free Fan Ingredients: Flour & Mango

Tue, Mar 30, 2010

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Do you remember that bit about the Federation Against Restaurant City Extra-Terrestrials, where they seemed to be backing off their “Stop the Alien Menace” cause? That was apparently only temporary, as the Federation is back at it again, offering two more free ingredients to fans on the Restaurant City fan page, along with posting their superstition over the alien items that are now available in the game.

The first free ingredient, Flour, actually comes as a bit of an apology from the Federation. Thinking they had found the source of the alien threat – a distant, Saturn-like planet – they rose an alarm, only to feel sheepish when they realized that that distant, threatening planet was nothing more than the Floating Planet decoration, viewed too closely in their astronomers’ telescopes. As an apology, pick up your free Flour by clicking on this link.

The second free ingredient, a Mango, sees the Federation returning to their true form. All users are warned against updating their Zero Gravity Fruit Salad recipe to level 10, for, if they do, they’ll surely be visited by a blue alien, which is apparently a bad thing, at least to the Federation (I quite like the idea of a free item for upgrading the dish to its highest level, but perhaps that’s just me). For now, you can pick up your free Mango by clicking on this link, while we await more conspiracy theo–err, details from the Federation.

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