Restaurant City Celebrates Sports With New Items and Food

Thu, Aug 19, 2010

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Playfish seems to have used last week’s introduction of the Bowling Alley as cause for an entire sports-themed week in Restaurant City, as that’s exactly what we see this morning. The theme will have your guests sitting on themed chairs, eating off of themed tables, and even eating themed food. Let’s take a look at what’s available.

In terms of coin items, you can purchase either a traditional Stadium Chair, or a Baseball Mit Chair for 1700 or 2600 coins, respectively. You can purchase a Basketball or Golf Table that looks like the respective ball has been sawed in half, or you can purchase traditional tables, which just so happen to have a basketball or soccer ball design on top, in addition to a mini pool table that your guests can eat on. Pennants and Gloves can be purchased to hang on the wall, while a Cheerleader or Microwave Jello (Michael Jordan, we think) figurine can add a bit of animation to your overall design. For flooring, you can build your own sports court using the seven different pieces of tile available, but as of this writing, no new wallpaper types are available.

For the items that can only be purchased with Playfish Cash, there are actually quite a few. Four more sports figurines are available ranging from a Quarter Pounder to Joe DiMashio, and ranging from 8 to 12 Playfish Cash, while a Ping Pong Table is available for 20 Playfish Cash that earns 1000 coins every 4 hours. A similar item is the Air Hockey table, which earns 1500 coins in the same time frame, but costs more, at 35 Playfish Cash. Finally, a Basketball Stove is available for 25 Playfish Cash, that works 20% faster than a traditional stove.

In addition, a new free gift item can be passed around you and your friends’ restaurants, and it comes in the form of a Golf Ball Stool.

For food in this week’s theme, there is a single recipe available, the 10 Pin Apple Pie (inspired by bowling). It isn’t a limited dish, and can be learned at your leisure whenever you have accumulated the four ingredients necessary – Flour, Sugar and two Apples.

Head over to the game’s page to make your restaurant a sports-themed paradise for your guests.

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    The theme will have your guests sitting on themed chairs.