Restaurant City Celebrates Cinco de Mayo With New Recipes

Wed, Apr 28, 2010

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As we told you earlier today, this week’s item theme in Restaurant City is Cinco de Mayo, a Spanish celebration that takes place on the 5th of May (hence the name). Playfish has decided to go all out celebrating this theme, and has started with a series of free gifts and new recipes.

There are three recipes available thus far. Under the Starters section of the menu, you can learn the Tostadas recipe. The Tostadas are a limited-time-only recipe, meaning that you must learn the recipe within the allotted time, around 20 days, or it will be stripped from your menu, potentially never to return again. To learn how to cook the Tostadas, you’ll need four ingredients: Beans, Flour, a Tomato and Chicken.

Next, on the Main dish section, you’ll find the Beef Enchilada recipe. Luckily, this dish doesn’t have a time limit, meaning that you are in no rush to acquire the three ingredients necessary to learn it: a Chili, Cheese, and Beef.

Finally, for Dessert, you can learn the Mexican Flan recipe. As we can see, it has the same time limit as that found on the Tostadas, meaning that you’ve got a little more than 20 days to learn the recipe by getting your hands on the following ingredients: an Egg, Sugar, and Vanilla.

The rest of the Cinco de Mayo item theme, including decorations and accessories, will be released later this week. We’ll be sure to give you all of the details surrounding the new items when they are available.

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