Restaurant City Celebrates Cinco de Mayo in a Big Way With New Items

Fri, Apr 30, 2010

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As we told you earlier in the week, Playfish is celebrating Mexican heritage this week in Restaurant City with the release of a Cinco de Mayo item theme that has launched in full in the game’s store.

In addition to the two free gifts which can still be sent to friends, the Cactus Juice and the String of Chilis, you’ll be able to find a Cactus Chair and Mexican Table for your diners to eat on, wall art to admire in the form of Maracas and a Serape, multiple types of wallpaper, a Terracotta Tile flooring, a Mexican Spice Rack, Acoustic Guitar and more. For these coin items, you’ll find items ranging from 45 coins per single square of Terracotta Tile to 4,000 coins for the Cacti Jose statue.

In terms of the Playfish cash items, you’ll find a Tortilla Stove that cooks food 12% faster, a Cactus Dispenser that serves drinks 10% faster, and a Pinata. Additionally, the final item that will be blocked off to most users is a Mariachi Band, which unlocks as available to purchase once you reach level 40. If you’re already at that point, you can purchase the band for 90,000 coins, and gain the item’s effect of keeping guests patient for longer. The Pinata, though, is also an interactive item, which is similar to the Arcade machines also found in the game.

If you’d like to add a spark of Mexican heritage to your own cafe, feel free to head over to the game’s page and start shopping.

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