Restaurant City Adds a New Social Feature in the Form of Lost Items

Fri, Mar 5, 2010

Restaurant City, Social

The next time you make your way through the streets of Restaurant City, visiting your friends’ establishments, you’ll undoubtedly run across a new in-game feature that Playfish has launched this week.

The new feature regards lost wallets and coin purses that you’ll find when helping out in your friends’ restaurants. After you complete your helpful task (stopping leaks, putting out fires, removing a group of random varmints, etc.), there’s now a chance that you’ll find a patron’s lost wallet or purse and will have a chance to be a good samaritan by helping to find the owner.

This is accomplished by posting a notification directly on the wall of the owner of the restaurant where you found the item. This ensures that the other person sees it, and that it doesn’t wind up forgotten or ignored in the user’s news feed. Your friend can then choose to click on the appropriate link that will immediately return the lost item to its virtual (read: imaginary) owner, and they will be rewarded with 500 coins.

This is where the process can stop, unless the friend wishes to thank you for bringing the lost wallet and/or purse to their attention by taking their chance to post a notification directly to your wall, which will reward you with 500 coins for starting the whole process in the first place.

While both users involved will have received a free 500 coins when all is said and done, the entire process has a real threat to it, that being the fact that posts are being placed directly onto a user’s wall, and not the news feed. The person you’re posting to doesn’t have to give you permission to do so – it simply appears on their wall. The potential to be swamped by these things is a real one, should you have a lot of active players within the game, so be sure to make your feelings known to your friends if you’d rather skip the free coins in exchange for a clear Facebook wall.

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