Report: Yahoo Buying Foursquare for $100 million

Thu, Apr 8, 2010

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VentureBeat has the story on a possible buyout of Foursquare by Yahoo for $100 million. The story may seem a little crazy considering that Foursquare is fairly new, doing well, and is about to land some big investors into the whole project. Why would Foursquare quit? Simple, they wouldn’t.

According to VentureBeat, the whole buyout report is a fake drummed up by some investment bankers to drive up the bids from the firms interested in investing in Foursquare. The four current firms interested have bid up to $80 million which makes the buyout report all the more suspicious.

Is Yahoo actually thinking of buying Foursquare? Except those involved with a possible deal, no one knows. Is it likely? I don’t think so, Foursquare is growing too rapidly to be bought up by a big company this quickly.

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