Report: iPhone Still Beating Android In Marketshare

Wed, May 19, 2010

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Last week, we reported on a recent study by the NPD Group on how Android was outpacing and had outsold the iPhone in the first quarter. Apple refuted the claim, and a new report done by the Gartner firm backs up Apple’s claim.

The IDC report puts the iPhone in third place with 15.4% marketshare in the first quarter of 2010. Last year, the iPhone had only 10.5% of marketshare at the same period. Android grew from 1.6% in 2009 to a strong 9.6% in 2010 as well. Symbian and RIM still took the top spots with 44.3% and 19.4% respectively.

The vice president of Gartner, Carolina Milanesi commented on the report: “To compete in such a crowded market, manufacturers need to tightly integrate hardware, user interface, and cloud and social networking services if their solutions are to appeal to users.”

So the report does show us that Android is gaining ground more rapidly than the iPhone, it is still behind Apple’s behemoth smartphone.

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  • JustMeHere

    We are Android, Resistance is Futile. iPhone users, prepare to be assimilated!

    Lol, yeah,, when has the iPhone had a 707% growth rate year of year????? 200 something is the best it ever did. If the trend continues, next quarter, Apple will not hold on to this metric either!

  • Doug

    Uhh you do realise NDP and Gartner's reports were completely different. NDP reported just the first quarter of this year Android sales beat iPhone sales. NDP never claimed overall findings that Android was beating Apple in overall sales or market share.