Reliance Games Spending Summer in the Pacific Rim

Mon, Jun 10, 2013

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After their work on After Earth, Reliance Games (a TriplePoint client) has lined up their next mobile title — and it’s got another big blockbuster behind it: Pacific Rim, a movie (and now also a game) where enormous robots beat up on equally enormous monsters. If we’re going to build enormous robots, after all, it’s nice to have an excuse to break them out once in a while, and it’s also awfully friendly of the designers to make them mobile-enabled so we can take a turn at controlling them. I’m especially grateful that Reliance can be relied upon to bring us these larger-than-life experiences.

From the press release:

Commanding a giant Jaeger robot, players can hone their skills in a story mode that will take their Jockey from rookie to ace, building up lethal combos and discovering new weapons and technology to give them an edge against the Kaijus. Upgraded Jaegers can also be used in survival mode, challenging players to beat back the alien menace and keep the world safe for as long as they can.

Pacific Rim the game and Pacific Rim the movie will be out this summer.

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