Receive a Free Pet in Happy Pets for Consistently Logging In

Mon, Apr 19, 2010

Happy Pets, Social

CrowdStar has decided to reward the most diligent and loyal of Happy Pets players with a free pet, should they continue to be loyal over a set amount of time. The free pet is a Pandora Jackalope, and the information surrounding it can be found by clicking on the “Free Pet” icon in the bottom right corner of the gameplay screen.

Doing that brings up a pop-up introducing you to your new pet, and informing you of the qualification you’ll need to meet to receive it, specifically the fact that you’ll need to login at least once everyday for a span of two weeks in order to be eligible to receive it, after the 14 days are over.

Conversely, should you know that you won’t be able to login everyday with such consistency, or, if you’re simply not patience enough to wait the two weeks, you can purchase the Jackalope outright for 62 Facebook Credits.

Head over to the game’s page to start your daily login streak and earn your own free pet.

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  • Miresa

    After you get the jackalope, another week gets you a Pandora guinea pig, and then 1 more week gets you a Pandora cat. I'm not sure what's after that though.

  • evie

    i love the free pets i got a pandora pig, ferret, and dog and im now going for another pig!!

  • Dmcmanatee

    what comes next after the pandora puppy?

  • Ailyse

    Is there any way to get a second pandora anything including jackalope? I’m only getting ferrets dogs and pigs. I never got the cat, and I sold my jackalope for a large amount I now regret doing. I can’t find it for sale either. Help please?

  • Brandy Shaul

    It’s my understanding that the Jackalope is a one-per-person scenario. Sorry! You’d need to find a friend with one that they would be willing to trade in order to get your hands on one now.

  • Hunter

    now im geting artic ones and i dont get it

  • Brandy Shaul

    Right. The arctic pets are the newest ones being given away. Unfortunately, this Jackalope is no longer available.

  • tina

    How do I get the base for the chicken coop