Real-Life Pygmy Toys Do Not Reincarnate

Tue, Jun 12, 2012

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If you play Pocket God on any kind of a regular basis, chances are you’ve gone through hundreds or thousands of adorably destructible pygmies in the game — losing them to such hazards as drowning, immolation, crushing, devouring, explosion, decapitation, demonic possession, and more. But, who cares, right? You can always spawn more. That’s why I feel obligated to provide you with a helpful warning: TriplePoint client Bolt Creative is releasing possibly the cutest Pocket God pygmies yet, but these ones do not respawn. If you set these pygmies on fire, or fling them into the ocean, or run them over with your car, then you don’t get them back. Ever.

That’s right — Pygmies you’ll need to protect and take care of. It’s like the Bolt guys don’t even understand their own business model anymore.

In all seriousness, though, Bolt is getting together with the folks-o at Funko to release new sets of vinyl pygmy figures and adorable pygmy plush toys. They may not come in unlimited supply, but damn if I’m not disinclined to murder them based on their cuteness. From the press release:

New Pocket God collectibles and toys will include:

  • 5-inch Collector Vinyl Figurines – These game-accurate figurines will be available in four different Pygmy styles: Happy Pygmy, Warrior Pygmy, Zombie Pgymy, and the Moon Witch.
  • Stylized Plushies – These stylized and stuffed Pygmies will come in the same four styles as the Collector Vinyl Figurines.
  • 2.5-inch Blind Box Figurines – These smaller vinyl figurines will come in 16 unique characters of varying rarity. Each figurine will be packaged in an art collector blind box – fans will not know which Pygmy they’ll get until they open them!

The toys are slated for this September. Murdering their digital counterparts probably won’t make them arrive faster, but there’s only one way to verify that.

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