Rainbow Wrasse Fish, Tree of Giving Idol, Rescue A Trapped Animal – Dive Into Happy Aquarium Updates!

Tue, Aug 3, 2010

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A whole slew of updates have been dropped into the waters of your Happy Aquarium, including a new fish for high level players, a new Idol that will reward your pocketbook for life, and the ability to rescue a new trapped animal with a little help from friends.

Rainbow Wrasse Fish Available for High Level Players

A new species of fish has taken over the top spot for “highest level fish” in the game, and it comes in the form of a Rainbow Wrasse, available only to players level 60 and above.

The Rainbow Wrasse can be purchased for 97 Facebook Credits, or a pretty high price of $9.70 US. As usual, you can name your fish and choose its gender, but keep in mind that a Pearl purchase option isn’t available.

The Rainbow Wrasse grows to adulthood in 32 hours.

Purchase the Tree of Giving Idol to Receive Something in Return

A new idol is available to add to your tank, and it comes in the form of a “Tree of Giving.” As the name suggests, once you purchase the idol, it will give you quite a bit in return. For the first 14 days, you’ll receive a single Facebook Credit each day (for a total of 14 Facebook Credits, or $1.40 US). On day 15, you’ll receive an exclusive Gold Shark to add to your tank. On day 16, and all days after that, you’ll receive free coins.

To be especially clear, the Idol doesn’t stop functioning after day 16, as you’ll be able to use the idol once daily to receive free coins forever. Such a guarantee isn’t cheap, however, as you’ll have to pay 90 Facebook Credits to add the Idol to your tank. That’s the equivalent of $9.00 US, but when taking into account the $1.40 you receive throughout the first 14 days, you’re really only spending $7.60 when all is said and done.

The Idol is limited edition, but rather than being given a time limit, it is instead only available until the limited quantity sells out. As of this writing, there are still around 1,500 of them left, but you may want to purchase yours sooner rather than later if you want to guarantee that you get one.

Won’t You Help Rescue the Animal Trapped in the Crate?

If you liked the setup of the lost animal trapped in a Happy Aquarium barrel that was released in Happy Aquarium back in April, you’ll be happy to know that another animal has found itself stuck in a crate, and it’s up to you to help rescue it.

All users have been given the trapped animal, which can be found in the top left-hand corner of the gameplay area. You’ll need to find six of your friends to help you unlock the six locks on the crate. You only have four days to achieve said feat, and if you don’t think that you can find six friends to help you in that time, you can pay Facebook Credits to unlock the crate automatically, freeing the animal inside. How much will such convenience cost? 88 Facebook Credits – or the equivalent of $8.80 US.

What animal is trapped inside the crate? Head over to the game’s page to start unlocking the crate to find out!

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